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Lipers Enterprise is keep expanding its product lines by establishing agency relationship with worldwide top makers of passive components to fulfill our customers' needs. Due to economic scale, full range of specification, Lipers also can provide very competitive price, on-time delivery, and high flexibility of services for our agency products with our own UWA chip capacitor, chip resistor, chip bead, and chip inductor, now Lipers can provide chip tantalum capacitor, fuse, and chip electrolytic aluminum capacitor to our customers
Lipers / UWA Passive Components is a partner for your "Total Passive Component Solution Provider".
Agency Product
鉭電容、薄膜電容 薄膜電容、氣體放電管、貼片式壓敏電阻、電感 MLCC、鉭電容、鈮電容

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