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We are committed to offer innovative product with best quality, competitive price and value-add services to satisfy our customers.

Established since 1994 as one of the leading and preeminent designed house, Lipers Group keep striving for excellence in promoting and offering high quality and foremost technology electronic components and professional support to the customers, scattering around the world.

In 1997 Lipers is successfully transformed into manufacturer of SMD chip passive components With 10 years experiences in design and manufacturing, Lipers group gained an excellent reputation for SMD chip passive components under our own brand of "UWA"

Lipers group are derived from the customers 'support and every employees' endeavor day and night. Lipers Group , the most valuable assets are neither the sales turnover by the year nor the glorious history possessing the market but their customers' support scattered around the world, and every employee's growth and vigorous attitude toward his work.

At Lipers, we sure offer considerate and immediate services, sharp-sighted devices, professional support, the very competitive price with high quality products. Lipers surpass what customers are expecting !


Employee Empowerment 
Professional Service
Team Approach
Integrity & Speed
Continual Improvement
Ethical Practice

Oct. 2019 Lipers Invested-companies of ADVANCE ELECTRONIC SUPPLY CO., LTD in British Virgin Islands all completed the dissolution and cancellation registration.
Aug. 2019 Lipers Invested-companies of Advance Electronic Supply Co., Ltd. in Samoa all completed the dissolution and cancellation registration.
Nov. 2018 Lipers sold total shares of Lipers (Hong Kong) enterprise Co., Ltd. to Nichidenbo Corporation.
Sep. 2015 Lipers invested Advance Electronic Supply Co., Ltd.,Holds 100% Stock share.
Jun. 2015 Nichidenbo Corporation invested Lipers, Holds 99.34% stock share.
Oct. 2014 Nichidenbo Corporation invested Lipers, Holds 95.44% stock share.
Dec. 2013 Nichidenbo Corporation Holds 63.92% stock share.
Aug. 2013 Acquire Agency of EVERLIGHT / ORISE / VIA LAB / LITEON.
Mar. 2013 Nichidenbo Corporation invested Lipers, Holds 51.93% stock share.
Jan. 2012 Acquired Agency of GENESYS.
Dec. 2011 Acquired Agency of IKANOS.
Oct. 2010 Acquired RUBYCON Agency for Great China Area.
Jan. 2010 Merged FET Co. 100%, finished acquisition.
Mar. 2009 Acquired Agency of Panasonic for South China Area.
Oct. 2004 Acquired agency of KEMET for Great China Area Market.
May. 2003 Established Dongguan Lipers Production site to manufacturing "UWA" MLCC.
Jan. 2003 Acquired agency of EPCOS for Great China Market.
Jul. 2002 Spin-off Scope Tech monopoly for Samsung Product.
May. 1999 Established UWA Chip Resistor and Array.
Oct. 1994 Lipers Founded in Taipei County, Taiwan, ROC.
We believe our first responsibility is to the best suppliers, to provided value-add service and best quality product for all our users.
We must be self-driven, innovative, creative, ethical to his job, customers and company.
We must respect each employee's dignity and recognize his merit.
We must responsible to all our employees, the men and women who work with Lipers and everyone consider as an individual.
They must have sense of security in their jobs, and they must have responsibility to make contribution and maximize best interest to company.
There must be equal opportunity for employment, development, and advancement for those qualified.
Everyone must feel free to make suggestion and complaint, and compensation awarded must be fair and adequate to all.
We must protect and maintain good conditions of our property and all resources, working environment must be safe and clean.
Our company, supplier and partner must have an opportunity to make a fair profit.
We must share vision of organizational mission and goal, and must be carried on on-going improvement and innovation.
Our final responsibility is to our shareholders.
We believe business must make a sound profit and growth.
We believe when we operate according to those principles, the stockholder and employees should realize a fair return from Lipers.

Offering Best Quality Products
Offering Competitive Pricing
On-Time Delivery & Prompt Follow-Up (JIT) Services
Total Kit Package Service for passive components
Total Customer Satisfaction

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